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Membership Method

In this 5-week course, Chris Luck will help you build your membership site using his step-by-step system that's already generated $25,028,183.02 since 2007.

Week 1 : Profit Plan

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Module 1 : Brainstorming Your Million Dollar Membership Site Idea

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Module 2 : Reverse Engineering Your Industry & Understanding The Requirements

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Module 3 : Expanding On Your Ideas With The Magazine Benchmark Test

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Module 4 : Extracting Acquisition And Retention Ideas From Associations

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Module 5 : Tapping Into Social Media To Accelerate Your Success On Day One

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Module 6 : Planning And Strategizing Using The Ascension Benchmark Test

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Module 7 : Confirming Your Membership Site Idea Will Be A Guaranteed Success

Week 2 : Power Positioning Available week 2

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Module 1 : Researching Your Perfect Customer Avatar

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Module 2 : Structuring Your Overall Positioning & Approach

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Module 3 : Setting Up Your Method Of Digital Delivery

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Module 4 : Identifying Your Content Posting Frequency

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Module 5 : Determining The Optimal Pricing Model For Your Audience

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Module 6 : Defining Your Unique Selling Proposition

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Module 7 : Choosing A Memorable Name For Your Membership Site

Week 3 : Success System Available week 3

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Module 1 : Brainstorming & Registering The Perfect Domain Name

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Module 2 : Selecting The Best Hosting Server For Your Specific Needs

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Module 3 : Setting Up Your Membership Site Software

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Module 4 : Integrating Automated Page Builders

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Module 5 : Configuring Your Email Automation Sequences

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Module 6 : Registering The "Must Have" Payment Processor

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Module 7 : Exploring Million Dollar Membership Site Examples & Wireframes

Week 4 : Content Creation Available week 4

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Module 1 : Structuring The Foundational Content For Your Membership Site

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Module 2 : Creating Micronized Very Quickly & Easily

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Module 3 : Curating Content With Automated Content Curation Software

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Module 4 : Tapping Into The Holy Grail Of Master Resell Rights Content

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Module 5 : Planning And Publishing Your Content For Maximum Impact

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Module 6 : Understanding & Building Your Edification Funnel

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Module 7 : Jumpstarting Your Success With A "Done For You" Service

Week 5 : Traffic Tunnels Available week 5

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Module 1 : Funneling Traffic Using The Facebook Profiling System

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Module 2 : Buying Traffic Using My Facebook Ad Secrets For Membership Sites

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Module 3 : Becoming An Instant Authority In Facebook Groups

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Module 4 : Leveraging The Most Effective Pay Per Click Strategies

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Module 5 : Extracting Members From Public Forums Into Your Site

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Module 6 : Podcasting Your Way To 100 New Paying Members Every Week

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Module 7 : Getting More Customers With My 100,000 Visitors In 1 Hour System

Chris Luck has been a Entrepreneur and Marketer since 1999. He has generated over $25 million dollars with Membership Sites since 2007. Today, he educates and empowers over 254,000 Entrepreneurs on how to build and grow their own online business.