Forex Broker Crash Course

Learn How Different Forex Broker Models Work So That You Can Decide Whats The Best Broker Choice for You

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Video Lessons

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#1 - How to Choose and Select Forex Brokers

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#2 - Different Types of Forex Brokers

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#3 - How Does a Dealing Desk Broker Model Work

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#4 - How Does STP - ECN Broker Model Work

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#5 - How does Pure STP - DMA Broker Model Work

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#6 - How does Hybrid Broker Model Work (most common)

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#7 - How To Check If Your Broker Is an STP Broker

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#8 - How Big Is The Retail Forex Market

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#9 - How Are Your Stop Losses Being Hunted

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#10 - How to check if your Broker is NOT Dealing Desk OR its STP

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