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Writing for the Long Haul

Have you signed up for writing courses with great excitement only to find that once they are over you are left… well… you are just left there… hanging?

Are you tired of the endless cycle of being excited about your writing project for a little while but then getting off track and not being able to get back?

Is your long-term writing project causing you stress rather than enjoyment?

Most people who are working on long-term book-length writing projects experience some or all of these things at some point along the way.

“Writing for the Long Haul” is a course designed specifically to help.

It is a different kind of online writing course than you’ve probably heard of before.

Yes, it has lectures, and videos, and downloadable content. Yes it has worksheets and expert advice that you can’t find anywhere else. But what it also has is actual one-on-one writing support. Directly from me to you.

Every person who registers for this course will get to choose the support they want, EITHER:

*** have 100 pages of your book project read and edited 


*** have a one-on-one coaching/consulting phone call with me where I can answer all your writing and publishing-related questions


This support is available  THROUGH JANUARY 15, 2018!

That's right, you choose!

YOU choose the support you want--editorial support for your writing or coaching/consulting/publishing support in a phone call for you.

***Phone call/editing offer good THROUGH JANUARY 15, 2018!***

Why should you want my help? 

Well, I've rejected thousands of book proposals.

And I've published over 600 books.Two of my recent publications were a New York Times bestseller and an NPR best book of the year for 2016.

I’ve edited thousands of writers and I’m going to edit or coach you. One-on-one. 

So you won’t be left hanging once the online course material ends. You’ll still have me.

Writing is easy and fun and exciting. Except when it isn’t.

And writing for the long haul can be a long and lonely road. But with this course you won’t be going it alone. You’ll have me in your back pocket for up to six months.

That’s a value more than the price of the course right there. Even if you don’t watch one single video or download one single worksheet, the editorial support is there for you.

But you will watch the videos and download the material because you know what you’ll be getting …

A complete package of worksheets, self-assessments, checklists, and blueprints to walk you through all the key points of the course.

This course will reveal:

✔the 4 keys to a long-haul writing mindset

✔ the most common reasons people lose their way over the long haul and how to fix this

✔ the secrets to creating a “long haul To Do list”

✔ the single reason why most projects get rejected… and how to avoid it

✔ how to figure out in 3 easy steps whether or not self-publishing is for you

✔ the most likely causes of procrastination and how to overcome them

✔ the warning signs you are losing your way over the long haul… and how to get back on track

--Printable pdf's of all slideshow content

--The ability to email questions about the course content to the instructor and have them answered during the run of the course

--27 lessons and 17 downloadable handouts

So... why am I the right person to teach this material?

Here’s what some of my online students have said:

“As a busy professional I had neither the time nor patience to spend on a course that was going to be 'light weight' or filled with the obvious. Deborah did not disappoint! Her course was concise, highly informative and answered all my questions---even those I never anticipated would be crucial to eventual success. The delivery style was excellent and I can strongly recommend her course without reservation!”

Pat L. MD

Deborah is a thoughtful, comprehensive, and very well prepared educator. Her on-line course contained no-nonsense straight talk, humor, and encouragement. Anyone would be well advised to hear what she has to say.”

--Ed Bilanchone

 An industry insider has to say about my teaching style and content:

"Deborah translated her deep knowledge of the publishing industry perfectly to meet my needs. She is mission driven--her mission being to take her book business background and use it to help you.” --Jill Siegal Chalsty Founder & Chairman of the Community for Education Foundation

If you’re serious about making a difference in your writing life...

if you're in need of expert, insider advice to keep you going when things look dark...

if you're finally ready to get out of the cycle of being excited about your writing only to drop off in interest and productivity... whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction...

if you are about to give up on your writing...don't!

Stop wasting your in the endless cycle of excitement and disappointment.

Start getting the long haul help you deserve.

Imagine that there is an industry insider ready to help.

“Learning from Deborah is like sitting down with a trusted, knowledgeable friend who doesn't pull any punches. She tells you the facts and clearly wants you to succeed. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to learn from a great editor and teacher who cares deeply about her craft.”

--Molly H. Guzzino, ATR-BC, LPC, LMFT

Register below. 

Sign up now and move yourself closer to being a published author right now. 

No more waiting around and just imagining it. 




YOU choose the support you want--editorial support for your writing or coaching/consulting/publishing support in a phone call for you.

***Phone call/editing offer good THROUGH JANUARY 15, 2018!***


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The Writing Mindset

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Writing is Change

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Writing is Emotion

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Writing is Time

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Your New Writing Mindset

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What to do if you can't get started

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Writing tips for the long haul

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Downloadable handouts

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What is the difference between editing and rewriting?

Editing Available week 2

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What is editing?

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Being your own editor

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Four editing essentials

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The #1 reason non-fiction doesn't get published

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Finding the right editor or agent

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Understanding feedback

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Finding a trusted reader

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Downloadable handouts

Being an Author Available week 3

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From writer to author

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An idea is not a book concept

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Demonstrating your knowledge about book publishing

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Three questions to ask about self-publishing

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Should I get an agent?

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Shelving ambiguity

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How to talk to an editor or an agent

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Downloadable handouts

The Long Haul Available week 4

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Long Haul To Do Lists

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What motivates getting things done

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3 ways to overcome procrastination

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Signs you are losing your way over the long haul

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What to do to find your your way back over the long haul

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10 things to remember if you can't keep going

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Downloadable handouts

DEBORAH MALMUD has been in the publishing industry for over 25 years, most of them as
an acquisitions editor. She has acquired, edited, and published over 600 books and worked with thousands of writers. She has a PhD in English and Comparative Li...

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