Superhero Brainpower System

It’s Not Enough To Think Faster, Work Smarter Or Memorize More In The 21st Century...

“Supercharge” Your Brain For Unlimited Success Whatever Your Dreams Are... Whatever You Want In Life... Whatever You Want To Achieve & Accomplish...

You Can Simply “UNLOCK” It With Your Mind In Only 2 Days!

These simple five-minute exercises work even if you’re over 70... if you believe you only have “average intelligence”... or even if you’re stressed out and distracted all the time.

Imagine -- for a moment -- being the smartest, quickest person in the room.

You would...

  • Never be lied to again...
  • See opportunities before anyone else did...
  • Figure out what others really want...
  • Win every argument (if you choose to)...
  • Recall facts and figures exactly when you need them...
  • Solve problems faster...
  • Quickly get “unstuck” with little effort...

The Superhero Brainpower System is a series of twelve powerful interviews with some of the world’s leading minds on brain science, rapid learning, and personal growth.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I’ve put each of these interviews together in a careful order. Each expert touches on one of the twelve topics of transforming your brain for the 21st-century success.

You’ll learn how to control, focus and master your skills. I top it all off with showing you the secrets to rapid learning from my own Kwik Learning programs.


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Deepak Chopra - "Breaking Through The Five Common Brain Myths"

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Tana Amen, “Foods That Feed Your Brain And Changes Your DNA!”

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Brendon Burchard, “Ten Drives That Jolt Your Brain To Action”

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Rod Roddenberry, “Train Your Brain To Give You Infinite Answers”


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Ray Kurzweil, “How to Generate Millions of Problem-Solving Ideas”

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Michael Gelb, “How to Activate Your Inner Genius In Seven Steps”

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Tony Tjan, “Discovering Your ‘Pattern of Power’ for Decision-Making”

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Lee Zlototff, “How to ‘MacGyver’ Your Way Out of Anything”


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Dr. Rudy Tanzi, “Reshape, Rewire & Recreate Your Brain To Acheive Anything”

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Dr. Ned Hallowell, “Become Hyper-Focused On Your Goals Even If Your Have ADD”

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Robert Greene, “How To Master Any Craft, Skill or Expertise You Pick Up”

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Jim Kwik, “How to Memorize Every Name Of Every Person You Meet”

Jim Kwik is a world expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. For two decades he has served as a mental coach to leaders in education, entertainment, technology and business, and currently serves top...

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