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Master Learners Academy - (Train-the-Trainers)

For the past several years, many have engaged in the study and training of Dianetics. The Master Learners Academy has been developed and created to provide those leaders with tools that they can take to their communities and improve the quality of life through education and social betterment. Rev. Alfreddie Johnson, Jr. and Dr. Larry Muhammad have joined forces to train and cadre of trainers to become certified in the Master Learners Academy curriculum and open their own education and life-improvement centers throughout the world.

Pre-Requisite Course (Free - Sample)

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The CALL For Master Learners!!

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Foundations of Learning

MLA Train-the-Trainers: Phase 1 Available week 2

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The Purpose for Learning - Prt 1-3

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Purpose for Learning Prt 4

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Purpose for Learning Prt. 5

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Purpose for Learning Prt. 6-7

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Purpose for Learning prt08-09

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Purpose for Learning prt 10

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Learning How to Learn

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Learning How to Learn - Introduction

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Learning How to Learn - First Barrier to Study

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2nd Barrier of Study: Skipped Gradient

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The Communication Course

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LIVE !!! (Learning Integrity and Value through Education),