The Art of Unmasking in 2018!



Know Yourself! Maximize Personal and Professional Success by Peeling Back the Layers of your Identities

…with Self-Reflective Thought and Transformative Action!!!!!!!


What you’re going to learn:

  1. How to become aware of the many masks that you are wearing in your life ...
  2. How to decrease the inner conflict and tension that you feel in your life on a daily basis as you try to fulfill many roles and wear many masks...
  3. How to assess the way the masks you wear are influencing your personal AND professional life...
  4. How to implement emotional, psychological, and behavioral solutions that will allow you to bring your full and authentic self to the many areas of your life .

I is busy, so this course can be taken at your OWN pace! You can watch, listen, and reflect on the course materials on your own schedule that works best for YOU!!! Through videos, audio tracks, and will begin the first step of UNMASKING INTO 2018! 

Lesson 1: The Masks We Wear

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Video Seminar 1

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Identity Reflection Exercise

Lesson 2: The U.N.M.A.S.K. Framework

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Video Seminar 2

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Behavioral Action Plan Exercise

Lesson 3: The Mask Mantra

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Reflections on The Mask Mantra

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The Mask Mantra Printable