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Healing Dis-ease with Aloha

Healing with Aloha is a self-paced online class that attempts to share the healing power of the Hawaiian practice of Aloha. Each module of this five part series explores a piece of Auntie Pilahi Paki’s notion of Aloha as an acronym: Akahai (kindness), Lōkahi (Unity), ´Olu´Olu (Agreeableness), Ha´aha´a (Humility), and Ahonui (Patience).

In July of 2015, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Colorectal Cancer. I had a 7 cm tumor in my intestinal track. The doctors wanted to immediately start chemo and radiation followed by surgery, but I chose to pursue a path of wellness by following alternative treatments including Hawaiian healing arts. What I found is a healing that went far beyond my body. This dis-ease called cancer lead me to an ease and peace that encompasses all parts of my life including my relationships, my psychological wellbeing, and my spiritual connectedness with Nature, God, and Community.

Healing with Aloha is a space were we can explore this comprehensive healing by tapping into the circle wisdom of everyone who cares to show up. I invite you to join in whatever capacity feels comfortable and offer your presence and gifts to the whole.

In the spirit of Aloha this class is given freely with an opportunity to pay it forward. This class is for anyone interested in Aloha, Hawaiian Healing, Alternative Medicine, Peace of Mind, Happiness, and Ease. Feel free to invite others who might be suffering from dis-ease in their life whether that be physical (cancer, terminal illnesses, chronic pain or conditions), psychological (depression, loneliness, isolation, grief), or spiritual (hopelessness, lack of purpose, boredom, ennui). 

Week 1: Introduction and Akahai

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Introduction to Healing with Aloha

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Akahai--White Gloves

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Morning Prayers

Week 2: Lokahi Available week 2

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Aloha Movments

Section 3: ´Olu´Olu Available week 3

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Diet and Supplements

Section 4: Ha´aha´a Available week 4

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Section 5: Ahonui Available week 5

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