The MPI Spine online course is taught by both Dr. Cory Campbell and Dr. Mark King. In this course, they will teach you how to deal specifically with the palpation and adjustment set-ups needed for the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacroiliac regions. The MPI Spine course will cover spinal biomechanics and manipulation, along with the motion palpation scan and case management.  Over 17 video trainings that you have access to 24/7 to view and reference anytime.

Welcome to the MPI Spine Course!

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Ch 1 - Introduction

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Ch 2 - The Modern Chiropractor

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Ch 3 - Be a Great Adjuster

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Ch 4 - Motion Palpation Seated Scan

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Ch 5 - CO/C1 Seated Analysis

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Ch 6 - Seated SI Palpation

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Ch 7 - Seated SI and LS Palpation for Nutation and Counternutation

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Ch 8 - Seated Palpations for the CT Area

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Ch 9 - Side Lying CT Palpation

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Ch 10 - C1/C2 Seated Palpation

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Ch 11 - Seated TL Palpation

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Ch 12 - Side Lying Adjustments for TL Area

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Ch 13 - Supine TL Adjustments

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Ch 14 - Seated Palpation and Adjustments for First Rib

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Ch 15 - Prone CT Thumb Adjustment

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Ch 16 - Prone Nutation Adjustment with Drop Piece

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Ch 17 - Conclusion

The Motion Palpation Institute (MPI) now offers on-line courses! These prerecorded chiropractic training videos supplement our live, instructor-led, hands-on courses taught all over the world.

MPI recommends the on-line courses because you will...

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