Lower Dynamic Movement Assessment

The MPI Lower Dynamic Movement Assessment class strives to show you ways to assess and treat the kinetic chain in a way that fuses movement assessment with dynamic palpation and a global understanding of the kinetic chain will give the clinician a confidence to tackle the toughest of problems. 

MPI has long been combining movement assessment, soft tissue treatment, functional rehabilitation with state of the art palpation and adjusting. The lower kinetic chain involves the shared efficient motion and muscular interactions of the foot/ankle, knee, hip, pelvis, and lumbosacral and thoracolumbar spine junctions. 

The LDMA class will teach you concepts of force transmission and control along with screening and palpation methods to find areas of dysfunction that will guide your treatment in a comprehensive way.

LDMA Training Videos

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Ch 1 - Introduction

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Ch 2 - Functional Concepts

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Ch 3 - Functional and Clinical Concepts

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Ch 4 - Motion Palpation: Concepts and Rationale

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Ch 5 - Seated Scan

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Ch 6 - Gait and 6-Inch Step Down

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Ch 7 - Single Leg Stance and Foot/Ankle Palpation and Treatment

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Ch 8 - Functional Hallicus Limitus Assessment and Treatment

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Ch 9 - Functional Screens: Testing for Hip and Muscular Release of the Hip

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Ch 10 - Palpation and Mobilization of Hip-Muscular Release and External Rotators

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Ch 11 - Hip Stabilization

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Ch 12 - Sacrum

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Ch 13 - Sacroiliac Joint

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Ch 14 - Thoraco-Lumbar Spine

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Ch 15 - Respiration and Core Stabilization Testing

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Ch 16 - Respiration Re-Training and Core Stabilization

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Ch 17 - Conclusion

The Motion Palpation Institute (MPI) now offers on-line courses! These prerecorded chiropractic training videos supplement our live, instructor-led, hands-on courses taught all over the world.

MPI recommends the on-line courses because you will...

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