Upper Dynamic Movement Assessment

The MPI Upper Dynamic Movement Assessment class strives to show you ways to assess and treat the kinetic chain in a way that fuses movement assessment with dynamic palpation.  A global and hands on understanding of the kinetic chain will give the clinician a confidence to tackle the toughest of problems. 

MPI has long been combining movement assessment, soft tissue treatment, functional rehabilitation with state of the art palpation and adjusting. The upper kinetic chain involves the shared efficient motion and muscular interactions of the arm, shoulder and scapular complex, along with the cervical and upper thoracic spine. 

The UDMA class will teach you concepts of force transmission and control along with screening and palpation methods to find areas of dysfunction that will guide your treatment in a comprehensive way.

UDMA Training Videos

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Ch 1 - Introduction to MPI

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Ch 2 - Functional Concepts

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Ch 3 - Functional and Clinical Concepts

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Ch 4 - Palpation Concepts

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Ch 5 - Seated Scan and Upper Cervical Spine Supine

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Ch 6 - Upper Cervical Spine Seated

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Ch 7 - Occiput

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Ch 8 - Suboccipital Release

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Ch 9 - Cervical Stabilization and Side Lying Cervical-Thoracic Palpation

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Ch 10 - CT Junction

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Ch 11 - T4 Scan and Rib Palpation Adjustment

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Ch 12 - Post-Isometric Relaxation of the Levator Scapula and Upper Trapezius

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Ch 13 - Shoulder Screens: Tests and Exercises

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Ch 14 - Scapular Exercise: Muscle Assessment/Post-Isometric Release for Shoulder

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Ch 15 - Glenohumural and Sternoclavicular Palpation and Treatment

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Ch 16 - Respiration Assessment and Post-Isometric for Scalenes and 1st Rib

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Ch 17 - Respiration Re-Training and Radiculopathy Testing

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Ch 18 - Neural Tension Testing and Flossing

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Ch 19 Elbow and Wrist

The Motion Palpation Institute (MPI) now offers on-line courses! These prerecorded chiropractic training videos supplement our live, instructor-led, hands-on courses taught all over the world.

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