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Under the Oak

What if there was a way to commit to your Spiritual practice in only 5-7 minutes per day? Imagine that it is as easy as sitting under an Oak Tree on a lazy summer morning~ reading uplifting and inspiring musings and meditations with commentary to help bring a spiritual practice into everyday life.

Under the Oak – Musings and Meditations is such a beautiful way to help inspire you daily. After many years of teaching meditation and reading different themes that I had written, my students had encouraged me to put these musings and meditations into book form~ as many of them had requested copies.

A recent customer had this to say:

"Under the Oak is a great book! It is a wonderful way to bring light, gratitude, joy,peace and so much more into your life and your awareness. I like to start every morning by reading a segment, then I listen to the matching audio meditation. It makes for a beautiful start to each day I would highly recommend it!"  ~Meghan

"Under the Oak is a fantastic collection of introspective meditations that are practical, applicable and universal. Each meditation lead me to reflect upon my own thoughts and actions, and left me with practices to incorporate into my daily life so that I can live in a state of peaceful, grateful awareness. This isn’t a book you read once but one that you can return to over and over, whether you need guidance or just a gentle reminder of your soul’s purpose." – Lisa

Under the Oak- Introduction

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Introduction to Under the Oak


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Chapter 1- Gratitude

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Chapter 2- Press the Reset Button

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Chapter 3- Refine and Align

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Chapter 4- Make Peace with Where You Are

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Chapter 5- Choosing Peace

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Chapter 6- Mind Your Thoughts

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Chapter 7- Getting to Know YOU!

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Chapter 8- Treat Yourself with Wisdom and Love

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Chapter 9- Flowing with Grace

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Chapter 10- Peace Begins with Me

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Chapter 11- Keep it Simple

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Chapter 12- Pillars of Peacefulness

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Chapter 13- Living an Authentic Life

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Chapter 14- Divine Flow

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Chapter 15- At the Crossroads

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Chapter 16- Joy!

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Chapter 17- Flowing with Change

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Chapter 18- The Whole Heart

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Chapter 19- Your Only Job

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Chapter 20- Love in a Higher Octave

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Chapter 21- Gratitude and Gold

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Chapter 22- Be of Pure MInd

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Chapter 23- What is Your Vision?

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Lesson 24- Goals and Visions

Bonus Meditations

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Enter into Stillness- Guided Meditation Practice

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Bonus Meditation

Catherine is the founder of the Living Lotus and Jewels of the Lotus; a spiritual and transformational center- located on Long Island, New York.
She is an experienced guide and instructor in meditation. A Reiki Master, Graduate Gemolo...

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