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Master Your Mindset

Welcome to Master Your Mindset: An on-line course and community for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and high achievers to help you master your mindset for high performance. Watch the video above to learn about the details of the program. 

For the next 10 weeks, you will receive 1 new module via email with videos and exercises to help you reach a new level of performance. In each module, we cover 1 of Cindra's top 10 traits of high performers. 

A Mastery Option is also available so you can work with Dr. Cindra Kamphoff individually via phone or Skype throughout the program to apply the principles personally to your daily performance and to your life. Once you have purchased the course, you will have an option to purchase 5 individual sessions which is part of the Mastery Option. These individual sessions will take place every other week throughout the program and we will connect on a time that work with our schedules. 

Welcome! I am excited YOU are here in this course.

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Welcome Video (watch this first; less than 5 mins)

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PDF of the Top 10 Traits of High Performers

Module 1: Get Grit

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Module 1, Video 1: What is Grit and How Can It Help Me?

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Powerful Vision Exercise with Video 1

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Module 1, Video 2: Developing My GRIT

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Powerful Goal Exercise with Video 2- THE MOST POWERFUL EXERCISE OF ALL TIME!

Module 2: What is Your Why and Your Purpose?

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Module 2, Video 1: What is Your Why?

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What is Your Why Exercise with Video 1

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Powerpoint Slides with Video 1

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Module 2, Video 2: What is Your Purpose and Your Purpose Statement?

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What is Your Purpose Exercise with Video 2

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Powerpoint Slides with Video 2

Module 3: How Successful People Think

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Module 3, Video 1: How to Talk to Yourself in a Successful Way

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Powerpoint Notes for Video 1

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Power Phrase Worksheet for Video 1

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Module 3, Video 2: Reframing - The Most Important Skill of the Successful

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Powerpoint Slides with Video 2

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Reframing Worksheet with Video 2

Module 4: Awareness - Understanding Yourself

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Module 4, Video 1: Understanding Yourself to Reach Your Potential

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Powerpoint Slides with Video 1

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Pleasant Events Exercise

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Unpleasant Events Exercise

Module 5: Control the Controllables

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Module 5: Video 1 Control the Controllables

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Powerpoint Notes for Video 1

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Contingency Plan Worksheet for Video 1

Module 6: Choose Empowering Emotions

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Choose Empowering Emotions Video

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Choosing Empowering Emotions Powerpoint Slides

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Choosing Empowering Emotions Exercise

Module 7: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable Video

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Get Comfortable Being Comfortable Powerpoint Notes

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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable Exercise

Hi! My name is Cindra. I am a high performance coach and expert in the psychology of high performance. I received my Ph.D. in that field. I work with athletes, teams, business leaders, entrepreneurs and high achievers to help them learn the mental...

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