Forex Signals Academy

Forex Signals Academy is an online video training program to teach you how to start or improve your business selling products and services online like Forex trading signals, MT4 indicators, etc.


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Welcome to Forex Signals Academy


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Selling products and services online. How it works.

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Outsourcing, hiring a logo designer and 10 most important website elements

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Creating a professionally looking website on WordPress

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Register Domain & Order Web-Hosting


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INTRO: WP Plugins & Blogging

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Plugins every WordPress site should have

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Akistmet (WP plugin)

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Google XML Sitemaps (WP plugin)

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WP Limit Login Attempts (WP plugin)

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WPS Hide Login (WP plugin)

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All In One SEO Pack (WP plugin)

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The anatomy of a blog post

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Blog post marketing strategies

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Writing a blog post


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Email Marketing Service Providers

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Creating PayPal subscription buttons

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Adding PayPal subscription buttons on the website

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Creating MailChimp Signup Form on the Website

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Basic Signal Service for startups

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Sending Email to All Subscribers At Once

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MailChimp Automation


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Attract customers using these "Magnets"

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Trading results verification services

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Have a list of Frequently Asked Questions

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Verifying your trading record on Myfxbook

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Promoting your product or service on Forex Forums


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Adding your product on ClickBank


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Copy Trading Signal Delivery Services

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What if you do not have profitable trading system

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Being an independent copy trading signal provider is a better choice

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Where to find Profitable Traders

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What people expect from a copy trading signal service


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How to find new customers

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Facebook Advertising

Rimantas and Justin are founders of Autotrading Academy and Experts in Automated Trading Strategy Creation.