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Uberhealth for Athletes

This is a 7 week program designed to teach you the basics of sports nutrition, eating for training, recovery and general great health. I have designed it and its meal plan to be IN PLACE of seeing me for a consultation. 

It is designed to be 'self paced' and user friendly. It includes a complete meal plan, recipes, program guidelines, shopping lists, food diary and much more. All in easy to download PDF format. 

There is support via private Facebook Group. 

I see many clients but there are always people who do to time or location cant make it in for a face to face/skype appointment. So the idea for this program is to take you though most of what I do with a client over 2 to 3 appointments. This is not a 'personalised or tailored appointment', this is general information and education for people training, racing or just trying to get fit and healthy.  Of course this is not personalised, it is general information for a healthy person, getting fit or participating/racing in lots of different sports. 

To see me for a 1:1 initial consultation plus 2 follow up appointments you would be looking at over $400 Australian dollars.

Signing up for this self-paced program means you have access to the content for life, access to my Facebook group where I share more information and answer (general) questions.  

Disclaimer: Always seek medical advise before starting any new program, especially if there are any health concerns you need to check with your Dr or health practitioner as this program does not provide individual consultation or recommendations.

Introduction to the Program

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Getting Started

General Program Basics

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Program Overview

Top 3 Tips on Sports Nutrition

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All about Eating Before, During and After Training

All About Hydration

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What is your sweat rate? Plus all about Re-Hydration and Sports Drinks

Shopping List, Pantry Staples and Meal Plans and Food Diaries

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Meal Plan, Shopping Lists and Why Food Diaries are Vital

More on Proteins and Carbohydrates

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All About Protein, Carbohydrates and Your Training


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Program Review and Keeping Good Habits

I am an experienced Nutritionist / Naturopath that specialises in Sports Nutrition. As a health educator for over 20 years, I have worked with an array of clients both within Australia and overseas including: sports teams, individual athletes, fam...

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