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Enter into Stillness

"Stillness is as much a physical experience as it is a psychological and spiritual state. As the muscles in our bodies let go of their tension in Stillness, the inner condition of our body changes from being tense and overheated to being clean and refreshed. Our breathing transitions from choppy and irregular to a calm and slow rhythym. With those physical changes come quietly powerful transformations." ~Ed Bacon- 8 Habits of Love

what if I told you that that a Meditation Practice will bring you gains that far exceed your dreams for bringing peace into your life? And, what if I told you that meditation can be easy and there is no way to do it wrong. Although there are ways that will bring you better results, the first and foremost concept to remember is allowing yourself to BE without JUDGING. That’s it. The best definition of mindfulness that I’ve heard is: “Mindfulness is full awareness of the present moment without judgment. 

In this course, you will learn the steps to develop and maintain a meditation practice~ all you need to be is committed to yourself and to your spiritual growth.  

Be very gentle with yourself as you follow the easy instructions.  

In as little as 5 minutes per day you can begin to reap the benefits!

Learn how to have a meditation practice and to incorporate it into your daily life!

Enter into Stillness- Overview and Outline

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Overview and Steps to the Meditation Practice

Enter into Stillness- Meditation Practice

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Enter into Stillness- Guided Meditation Practice

Bonus Meditations

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7 Minute Heart Meditation

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Inner Light- 6 minute Meditation

21 Day Enter Into Stillness Guide

Catherine is the founder of the Living Lotus and Jewels of the Lotus; a spiritual and transformational center- located on Long Island, New York.
She is an experienced guide and instructor in meditation. A Reiki Master, Graduate Gemolo...

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