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Essential Wilderness Survival Skills

Essential Wilderness Survival Skills - What You Need to Know to Stay Alive in the Outdoors

7 Modules - 12 Videos - 9 Handout Booklets

Module 1: Core Wilderness Survival Concepts

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Wilderness Survival Concepts - The Foundation

Module 2: Wilderness Survival Shelter

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The Debris Hut Survival Shelter - Staying Warm & Preventing Hypothermia

Module 3: Survival Water Purification

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Survival Water Purification - Obtaining Clean Water to Prevent Dehydration

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Rock Boiling Demonstration - Purifying Water with Natural Materials

Module 4: Survival Fire Skills

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Introduction to Bow Drill Fire Making - Fire from Natural Materials

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Bow Drill Demonstration - Step by Step Guidance

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Fire Making Basics - Solidifying a Core Skill

Module 5: Survival Foods

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Wild Edible Plants - Abundant Survival Foods

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Practical Survival Protein - Higher Calorie Opportunities

Module 6: Preparation & Prevention

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Survival Kits - Know What to Bring on Every Outing

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Survival Navigation - Prevent Emergencies and Find Your Way Out

Module 7: Bringing It Together and Further Resources

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Wrap Up & Review - Tie It All Together & Where to Go From Here

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