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Gateways of Inspiration

 "Think of your inner world as a portable Sanctuary." ~ catherine epstein, from Gateways of Inspiration

Our Gateways of Inspiration course is designed to help you access your inner Sanctuary through each of the nine Gateways!

Read what our students are saying~

  "Not just another "Pretty Inspirational" book, Cathy's "Gateways of Inspiration" is simple to understand- her techniques (meditations), Tools (Crystal stones) all help us to live a more creative, loving, joyous and Peaceful life. So open the gate- and start your journey!!" ~Clara

Imagine that you are standing at a Gateway...

A Gateway that will re-connect you with your highest dreams and aspirations.

Gateways of Inspiration is a journey through the nine Gateways that will help you to re-connect with the yearnings  and the callings of your soul.  

The Gateways are: 










Learn the steps to be Inspired once again, so that you can access your inner sanctuary!

Let's get started today!

Introduction to Gateways of Inspiration

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Introduction to Gateways of Inspiration

Gateway One~ MIND

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Gateway One~ MIND

Gateway Two~ HEART

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Gateway Two~ HEART

Gateway Three~ BREATH

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Gateway Three~ Breath

Gateway Four~ MOVEMENT

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Gateway Four~ Movement

Gateway Five~ STILLNESSS

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Gateway Five~ Stillness

Gateway Six~ NATURE

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Gateway Six~Nature

Gateway Seven~ ART

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Gateway Seven~ Art

Gateway Eight~ MUSIC

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Gateway Eight~ Music

Gateway Nine~ JOY

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Gateway Nine~ Joy

Conclusion and Congratulations and a few BONUS Meditations!

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Conclusion and Congratulations!

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Bonus!!! Video- To Clear One's Mind

Catherine is the founder of the Living Lotus and Jewels of the Lotus; a spiritual and transformational center- located on Long Island, New York.
She is an experienced guide and instructor in meditation. A Reiki Master, Graduate Gemolo...

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