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The Quick Course On Booking Yourself

Discover the Secrets to Booking More Shows, Making More Money and Putting Your Marketing on Auto-Pilot!

Here’s a PROVEN “Marketing System” That Will Show You How!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a “system” in place to book shows and stay as busy as you wanted? How about getting paid MORE money, while doing it? And how would you like to keep a steady stream of leads flowing to you continually? “The Quick Course on Booking Yourself” shows you how to do all of that!

Performer, Editor and Author, Samuel Patrick Smith created a best-selling audio course on Booking Yourself successfully. We’ve updated and enhanced this timeless material to bring you “The Quick Course On Booking Yourself”. In this revised and expanded addition, Scott Humston pulls back the curtain and shows you the real work on how to stay busy as a performer and entertainer using timeless marketing principles as well as current online methods that are PROVEN to work in the real world!

"I have know Scott Humston for 25 years and
have seen the success of his entertainment business firsthand."
Gary Barker, The Magic Emporium

A Course for any performer.

You can book yourself. You can do more shows and make more money. If you are just starting out...or you just need a fresh reminder, this course will help you focus on the basics. You'll receive time-tested methods that are easy to apply. No hype here.

The time is now.

The time to learn is now. The time is now to build the foundation to your career. The course is very affordable, simple and easy to apply. Just think, you can book more shows and make more money...but you have to start. Now is the time. It's 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

Module 1-The Basics

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Why People Will Hire You

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Booking Yourself By Phone

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Booking Yourself By Mail (yes, mail!)

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Keeping The Prospect Pipeline Full

Module 2-Making It Pay

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The Secret Of Higher Paying Gigs

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The Real Magic of Customer Satisfaction

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Getting Organized

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The Money Game

Module 3-Inspiring Yourself To Succeed

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Believe & Achieve

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The Full-Time Freelancer

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The Magic Of Doing More

Bonus Materials

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Seeking Success

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Copywriting 101-Write Your Way To Riches, Tim Piccirillo & Cris Johnson, Part 1

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Copywriting 101-Write Your Way To Riches, Tim Piccirillo & Cris Johnson, Part 2

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How To Determine A Price For Your Show-Info Graphic

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Travel Tips from a Pro with Tim Piccirillo.

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Free 30 Minute Phone Consultation

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Improve Your Elevator Speech

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4 Steps To Gaining Publicity-Infographic

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6 Ways To Boost Your Business-FREE info graphic

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Bonus-My Top Five Biz Tools

Scott Humston has led an extraordinary life.

Overcoming a speech related birth defect to become a full time speaker he now devotes his life to the art of educating through entertainment. Scott holds a B.A. in Communication Studies and Dramatic...

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