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Operation Financial Freedom - Extra Income NOW!

"My primary objective is not for you to purchase this course. My primary objective is that once you have purchased this course and any other course we provide, you will be able to apply it in your life.

That's why at I will give you access to a proven income stream you can use to EARN INCOME IMMEDIATELY.

It is my role and the role of my company, Success for Soldiers, to train you. That means holding your hand every step of the way or briefing you and leaving you to it. We will cast a tactical shadow from above for you to call upon if required. YOU choose. We are your asset to use as you require. Shoulder to shoulder, fire support or both.

If you follow the instructions in this course, you will have the ability to earn extra income from this point onward for as long as you wish to do so.



Course Information


The Aim of Operation Financial Freedom, is to increase income using existing and proven business models

There are two elements:

  • increase income
  • use existing proven business models to increase the Income 

Approach: Covered within the course

Course Terminal Objectives:

Performance Statements: (What you will be able to do by the end of this course)

1. Earn Extra Income Online

Conditions: (The environment under which you will learn the information or skill and the tools you will be given to enable you to achieve the performance)

You will be given:

A. Instruction on how to utilize an attached income stream to Earn Extra Income. (Operation Centurion)

Standards: (The level or degree of competency that must be reached in order to meet the performance)

1. Demonstrates the skill to earn extra income online, by actually earning income online.


We are not giving financial advice. We are giving you a Mission. Accept it or decline. The choice is yours.


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Course Overview

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The Burning Question - Is this course worth $497?


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The Primary Lesson - Learning Outcomes 1, 2 and 3

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The Secondary Lesson - Learning outcomes 4 - 10

Operation Centurion - An Instant Income Stream - EARN NOW!

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An Online Strategy in partnership with Steven K Scott and Chuck Norris

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Step One: The Overview In Black and White

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Step Two - The First Piece of the Puzzle

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Step Three - The Second Piece of the puzzle

Your FREE Bonus! Earn 50% of this course cost..

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Another Income Stream For You

About Us

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Success for Soldiers - How it all started

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Where we are now...

"I help people regain the initiative and take command and control of their life."