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How to Get Your Book Published Now

Writers, are you tired of sending out your great proposal or manuscript to editors or agents and getting no reply?

Are you frustrated in never knowing why your proposal or manuscript gets rejected or ignored?

Are you ready to stop wasting countless time and money meeting editors and agents at conferences only to have these “leads” go nowhere?

Are you certain you have something to contribute by writing a book but just don't know where to start?

You don’t have to put up with this anymore.

Book contracts are out there for you.

You just need to know how to get them.

I've rejected thousands of book proposals.

And I've published over 600 books.

You’re likely making the same mistakes over and over but no editor is telling you what these mistakes are. 

Don't you want to know what editors really think? You'll find out in the course. And if you still have questions, you can just ask!

But don't take my word for it: scroll down now and get some content... totally free. There are 4 videos, 2 slideshows, and 2 podcasts free to watch and download right now.

Here's what an industry insider has to say:

“One of the most valuable parts of your material is your explanation of how an editor thinks and reads. This is the great mystery to writers, especially new ones.”

Michael McGregor, MFA professor at Portland State University

Even if you are already a published author, this course can help you get an even better deal for your next book. 

The information in the contracts lesson alone can make you back the cost of the course, and save you even more, on your contract.

The course will reveal…

✔ 16 tried and true strategies for you to approach a book editor successfully without a literary agent whether you're writing fiction, non-fiction, memoir...whatever

✔ What goes on behind closed doors at editorial meetings… and how you can use this knowledge to strengthen your approach

✔ The single word you must eliminate from any book contract you receive

✔ The secrets of book editors... and how to use these to your advantage

✔ Why a “narrow” audience is really a wide audience and how you can make this principle work for you

✔ How to recognize and eliminate the warning signs you’ll never finish writing.

This course contains…

--Over 5 hours of lessons with audio and video material 

--A complete package of worksheets, self-assessments, checklists, and blueprints to walk you through all the key points of the course. These include: 7-point proposal fist aid checklist; concept worksheet; contract negotiating points; sales and marketing blueprint and much more!

--A 20-page standalone e-book which is a roadmap to the successful way to approach a literary agent or book editor

--Printable pdf's of all slideshow content

--The ability to email questions about the course content to the instructor and have them answered during the run of the course

So... why am I the right person to teach this material?

Here’s what another industry insider has to say about my teaching style and content:

"Deborah translated her deep knowledge of the publishing industry perfectly to meet my needs. She is mission driven--her mission being to take her book business background and use it to help you.” --Jill Siegal Chalsty Founder & Chairman of the Community for Education Foundation 

Listen: If you’re serious about making a difference in your writing life...

if you're in need of expert, insider advice to get you from the outside of publishing to the inside...

if you're finally ready to get out of the cycle of continual submission and rejection... whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction... 

if you are about to give up on your writing idea...don't!

Sign up now and move yourself closer to being a published author right now. No more waiting around and just imagining it. 

98% of book projects get rejected--most within minutes! Don't be a part of that grim statistic.

This course will empower you to find the right editor, negotiate a deal, and get published successfully. Right now.

Course material available until October 15, 2017

From the Outside to the Inside: Getting in the Publisher's Door

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Video Intro

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Fiction? Non-fiction? Is this course for me?

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The Business of Publishing

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Video story: approaching an author

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How to Approach a Book Editor with Fiction or Non-fiction (part 1)

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How to Approach a Book Editor with Fiction or Non-fiction (part 2)

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Fiction Writers: Successful Query Letters Do Three Things. Does Yours?

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Query Letters for Non-fiction writers

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What Goes Into Editorial Decision-making?

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Risk, a video introduction

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(Not) killing the competition

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3-minute Book Proposal Polish

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An Editor is Interested: Now What?

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Maintaining Writing Focus

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Handouts for Lesson One

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How editors actually read book proposals (PODCAST)

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Worst book proposal mistake revealed! (PODCAST)

All About Book Editors Available week 2

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Video Intro: All About Book Editors (intro)

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5 things your editor thinks about that you don't know (Part 1)

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Five Things Your Editor Thinks About that You Don't Know (Part 2)

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Three Secrets Editors Really Don't Want You To Know

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What Goes On Behind Closed Doors: More About Editorial Decision-Making

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Conversations with Your Editor

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Handouts for Lesson Two

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You Have an Offer, Now What? Decoding Confusing Contract Language Available week 3

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Video Intro: Decoding Confusing Contract Language

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You Have an Offer, Now What?

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Royalty Basics

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How and When You Get Paid: Royalty Statements

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Get This Word Out of Your Contract!

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A Walk Through Other Parts of the Contract

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Side Letters

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Should I Self-Publish Instead?

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Handouts for Lesson Three

Writing and Editing Tips to Get You Going and Keep You Going Available week 4

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Video Intro: A lesson about writing

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A Narrow Audience is a Wide Audience

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3-point plan to nailing your concept (fiction writers: this means you too!)

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5 writing tips that work

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5 editing tips that work

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Overcoming Procrastination (PODCAST)

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7 Signs You Might Not Finish Your Project

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What To Do About the 7 Signs You May Never Finish

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She's sold over 400 million books... here's what she says about writing

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Video Sendoff: Proposals of Gold

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Handouts for Lesson Four

DEBORAH MALMUD has been in the publishing industry for over 25 years, most of them as
an acquisitions editor. She has acquired, edited, and published over 600 books and worked with thousands of writers. She has a PhD in English and Comparative Li...

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