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Speaker Sponsorship 101

How many times have you been asked to speak for free? Plenty, I’m guessing. Well, expect to be asked even more. Because the speaking industry is changing. It’s not the same industry that used to have a small group of speakers who showed up and got big keynote fees to motivate an audience.

Of course, there still are those kinds of jobs. But most of those jobs go to the small handful of speakers who happen to be on the A-list.

And the number of people who are entering the speaking industry has skyrocketed.

So, before you think I’m being a harbinger of doom, listen up. As an innovator, I welcome a little disruption. It forces me to improve and to innovate in ways I never thought possible. And you should too.

Now for the good news. There has never been a better time in history to be a performing artist, which is what a public speaker is. With digital technology changing life at warp speed, the ways a speaker can make a living from speaking is endless.

But you’ll never get there by staying stuck in the past. The future belongs to the speaker who knows how to create their own career and make money from speaking that doesn’t involve sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.

There are 3 innovative ways a speaker can do this: small business sponsorship, crowd-funding, and grants. All three of these can be tied together, but it all starts with small business sponsorship.

This seminar is jammed packed with pure content on how you can create your own speaking career using small business sponsorship.

I’ll take you step by step and give you all the tools you need including template examples.

I’ll also teach you the fun way to create your own speaking opportunities, along with dozens of examples of people who make a great living speaking on buses, trains, in living rooms, and in barns. My first speaking job was on a platform overlooking the lanes in a bowling alley. I made $2500 the first time I ever spoke in public, and I’ve never looked back.

This program is unlike anything else on the market. Because it’s 20 years of trial and error small business sponsorship techniques. This is truly street smart sponsorship.

This program will teach you:

*Unique ways to find sponsors no one else will even know about

*How to make 6 figures as a speaker without ever getting on a plane

*Where to find partners for your own sponsored events

*How to partner with your local govt. to make $700 a day as a speaker

*How to do good and make money at the same time as a speaker with crowd-funding and corporate social responsibility

*And… how to position yourself locally and regionally to get speaking grants through sponsorship

The best thing about this small business sponsorship program is that there is NO competition for you as a speaker. NONE! No matter where you live, no matter how long you’ve been speaking, and no matter what topic you speak on. You’re going to be creating your OWN speaking opportunities, so there is no competition.

The speaking industry IS changing and changing fast. So, if you want to stay ahead of the curve, if you want to make a great living as a speaker, you have to learn how to adapt and change with it.

I think this is actually an exciting time in history because it’s forcing speakers and other creative performers to think in a totally different way. Find out what speakers from around the world have been raving about. I guarantee it’ll be the best investment you could ever make for your speaking career.


Wow! I went to Julie Austin’s seminar about securing sponsors for speaking and came away with so much more. Not only did she clearly explain about what sponsors can do for me and my speaking career, she infused me with enthusiasm, jazzed me up with the prospect and made me feel that for sure I can do this. She gave me the formula to use, and even the dialogue I should use. I came away with many new ideas to jumpstart my speaking career.

Julie is an inspiration for innovative thinking. She ran her seminar in such a way that we were all sharing and ideas were floating through the air so thick, it was as if you could reach up and pluck another new and useable idea out of thin air. I highly recommend that anyone who gets a chance go to Julie’s seminar on getting sponsors for speaking. You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll be jazzed up and have a lot of new, useable ideas.

Patsy Bellah

Book facilitator for writers

“Julie has created a must-have service for speakers who want to get paid to speak! Through her presentation she gives you step-by-step instructions that helps speakers leverage their power as a speaker. This program helps speakers become the sought-after talent they were meant to be. The audience gets a great speaker and is introduced to a new product. The speaker gets paid by their new sponsor, and the sponsor gets their product in front of a target market. It’s a win-win-win for all!”

Hellena Jones-Elbling

Personal Coaching Professional

“Julie Austin’s Speaker Sponsorship 101 is worth ten times the cost of admission. It’s a unique seminar on how speakers can use sponsorship to make sure they get paid for every single speaking gig they do. In this economy where budgets are being cut for meeting planners, Julie shows you how to go around that and use out of the box thinking to make six figures as a speaker, no matter where you’re starting from. And she shows you ways to guarantee you have no competition as a speaker. Believe me, in today’s competitive environment, you can’t afford NOT to take this class!”

Michael Solomon

Motivational speaker

How I Got Started in Sponsorship

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Lessons in Street Smart Small Business Sponsorship

Introduction to Sponsorship

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The New Trend of Experiential Marketing

Sponsorship vs. Advertising

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Why Sponsorship is Better Than Advertising

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Broadcasting vs. Narrowcasting

The Audience and the Sponsor

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Understand Your Audience and Research Your Sponsor

Big Corporations vs. Small Business

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Advantages of Small Business Sponsorship

Finding Sponsors

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Which Comes First, the Sponsor or the Idea?

Creating Events You Can Get Sponsors For

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Generating Unique Ideas for Sponsorship

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How to Find an Audience

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Partner With Your Community

What Sponsors Want

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Your Sponsor Partnership

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Ways to Make Your Sponsor Happy

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More Ways to Make Your Sponsor Happy

How to Sell Your Sponsorship

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Where to Find Speaking Opportunities

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How to Find Sponsors For Your Speaking Opportunites

Promote Your Sponsor

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12 Free Ways to Promote Your Sponsor

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12 More Free Ways to Promote Your Sponsor

The Sponsorship Proposal

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Putting Together the Proposal Packet

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Items For Your Proposal

In Kind Sponsorship

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The Barter Side of Sponsorship

Recap - Step by Step Sponsorship System

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Sponsors for Your Free Speaking Engagement

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Sponsors for Your Own Events

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