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THE FULL COURSE - Conscious Relationships

You will own this course for ever and can start ANYTIME. With the option to download and keep all the materials! 


> Powerful principles for living and creating conscious relationships in your life based on ancient yogic teachings, relationship psychologies and personal experience.

> How to communicate with authenticity, vulnerability and courage. Creating deep and intimate connections that last.

> Mantra meditations and breakthrough relationships tools that will help you shift out of negative emotional patterns and co-create conscious partnerships.

> Kundalini Yoga practices that will become your best friend as you work towards a daily practice that will help you to develop a neutral mind, drop you into your heart and connect you more to yourself... thus to those around you.

> These yogic practices and meditations will strengthen your nervous system, open your heart and connect you to that inner mastery that you already know is there to navigate your relationships with compassion, power and grace.

And there will be much more…..



The Conscious Relationships course is four video modules delivered once a week until all the modules are released. You can see schedule below for release dates.

Each class is offered in both video and audio formats. The video format is a powerful experience that will aid the learning experience. The audio format allows you to listen on the go and take in the knowledge anywhere, anytime.

And the thing about this platform is that you can stream the classes from any devices! On the road, in the car (if you are not driving) And you can also download the video/audio files to your computer.

All of these rich materials will be delivered in Sukhdev’s and Akah’s fun uplifting style. Transmitting it in the most simple way that can be digested by anyone.

You will own this course and can access it anytime. It will always be at your fingertips and you can refer to it forever.


The Course Modules :

The 7 Treasures of Conscious Relationships:


Module 1: Treasure 1,2,3: The foundation of all of relationships.

Module 2 - Treasure 4 : Love is the healer

Module 3 - Treasure 5 : A Journey to Intimacy

Module 4 - Treasure 6 & 7: The Beloved Within & Serving The Soul 




BONUS: Two split screen skype interviews with 2 well known Yoga teacher/speaker couples. Witness these conscious couples talk about the ins and out of working it out in consciousness.

Discover how these couples work it out, what plugs them in and how they move through it. And the journey it took to get to consciousness! Enjoy the great wisdom from these close couples that we picked especially for this course.



  • Putting your self care on the back burner and always finding something to get in the way of living the life you will learn how to create time to nurture and love yourself. Spiritually, physically and emotionally.
  • Feeling disconnected from passionate lovemaking and intimacy.....Longing for a new level of romance and wondering how you are ever going to get your mojo rising again. ......get ready to get steamy and sacred!
  • Spending way too much time processing events in your relationship, bickering, criticizing and getting plugged in by each other.....its about to get really fun and joyful!
  • Not feeling heard and like your partner is never matching up to your expectations. Wanting him or her to be more like YOU!........dissolve false beliefs and create powerfully your experience with one another.
  • Unable to share whats really going on, feeling out of touch with your true feelings.
  • Criticizing, blaming and complaining about what is not working in the relationship instead of working with what is possible.

If any of these resonate, this course is for you!


THE FULL COURSE - 7 Treasures Of Conscious Relationships

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Treasure 1 - Commitment

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Treasure 2 - Emotional Intelligence

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Treasure 3 - Communication

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Treasure 4: Love Is The Healer Part 1

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Treasure 4: Love Is The Healer Part 2

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Treasure 5: Journey To Intimacy

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Treasure 6: The Beloved Within

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Treasure 7 - Serving The Soul

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Bonus Interview 1- Kia Miller & Tommy Rosen

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Bonus Interview 2 - Carrie Ann Moss

Sukhdev and Akahdahmah, consciousness teachers and known as the musical duo Aykanna, have developed a revolutionary new approach to relationships. Married, parents and certified KRI Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teachers, it is their greatest joy t...

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