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Stop Eating Crap!

It's time to be the champion of  your own health and happiness!

I truly believe life is meant to be lived fully, happily, and with zest and vibrancy. In order to live that exact life, a person has to be healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Through my Stop Eating Crap! coaching program, my clients learn how to lose weight without dieting, how to make exercise fun, and how to live their life with energy and purpose. They transform themselves both inside and out!

This program works! It's based on my coaching framework, The SMILE Transformation Strategy, and it’s how I was able to lose weight and get into the best shape of my life.

Let me tell you what this program isn’t:

It is not a quick fix: If you are looking for a drop-10-pounds-in-one-week kind of program, this won’t be for you. SMILE is about changing your eating and exercise habits for good. We’re creating lifestyles here!

It is not for people who are commitment phobic: Creating a new lifestyle takes persistence and dedication. It takes commitment – to yourself, your health, and your happiness.

It is not for people who are afraid of making mistakes …and won’t admit when they’ve made them: Mistakes are learning opportunities in disguise. We all make them. The people who are honest about their mistakes and are willing to learn from them will be the most successful.

It is not for Debbie Downers, Negative Nellies, or sticks in the mud: I mean, come on, it’s called The SMILE Transformation Strategy for a reason! Learning new habits and changing behaviors certainly come with the occasional setback or bout of frustration, but the key word here is occasional. This is an exciting time! Your happy and healthy life is just around the corner, and that deserves celebration.

In this program, you receive a downloadable workbook, access to online coaching videos, and additional resources aimed to help you learn how to lose weight, get in shape, and get happy! You also become part of an amazing group of people working towards creating a happy, healthy, and mind-blowing life.

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What is SMILE?

Module 1

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SMILE Vision and SMART Goals

Module 2

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Stop Eating Crap!

Module 3

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Move More

Module 4

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Invest in Yourself

Module 5

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Let Go.

Module 6

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Now What?

Bonus Available week 2

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My Favorite Books!

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Get Rid of the Time Sucks!

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Tools for Wisdom

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Stop Eating Crap Made Easy!