Kwik Recall

Are you frustrated with and tired of memory lapses?

There’s no such thing as a good or bad memory. There's only a trained or untrained memory.

Kwik Recall provides you with the best tools and strategies to help you reach the memory proficiency you deserve. Imagine having people's names, client information, speeches, numbers, sales scripts, business vocabulary, foreign languages, facts, figures, and more - all at your mental fingertips!

Experience a massive increase in your ability to memorize and recall information! Never feel the embarrassment of forgetting someone’s name again.

Kwik Recall will enable you to:

  • Reprogram your brain to stop forgetting the things that matter most.
  • Learn anything at least 2-3 times faster.
  • Remember names and important facts.
  • Unleash lightning-fast recall in any situation.
  • Take your memory skills to the next level.

What Will You Learn?

The program is divided into 7 weekly online sessions, with one online lesson per week.

For your convenience, you can attend and repeat any of the sessions as your schedule sees fit.

  • Introduction to Kwik Recall and the Five Learning Levels.
  • How to remember all to-dos and lists using the hook method and chain linking.
  • Deep dive into remembering names and faces.
  • Discover the secrets to confidently giving speeches, toasts, and presentations without notes.
  • Learn advanced memory techniques and ancient secrets for remembering numbers.
  • Keys to remembering foreign languages and facts.
  • Kwik Recall review and bonus tips about memorizing a deck of cards.

Recall Week 01

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Recall Week 1 - Introduction to Kwik Recall & Exercises

Recall Week 02 Available week 2

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Recall Week 2 - How To Recall Lists, To-Dos, and More

Recall Week 03 Available week 3

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Recall Week 3 Part 1 - How To Remember Names & Faces

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Recall Week 3 Part 2

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Recall Week 3 Part 3

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Recall Week 3 Part 4 - Your Turn!

Recall Week 04 Available week 4

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Recall Week 4 Part 1 - Introducing Loci Method

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Recall Week 4 Part 2

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Recall Week 4 Part 3

Recall Week 05 Available week 5

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Recall Week 5 Part 1 - How To Remember Numbers

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Recall Week 5 Part 2

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Recall Week 5 Part 3

Recall Week 06 Available week 6

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Recall Week 6 Part 1 - Facts & Foreign Languages

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Recall Week 6 Part 2

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Recall Week 6 Part 3

Recall Week 07 Available week 7

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Recall Week 7 Part 1 - Kwik Recall Overview Q&A with Jim

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Recall Week 7 Part 2

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Recall Week 7 Part 3

Jim Kwik is a world expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. For two decades he has served as a mental coach to leaders in education, entertainment, technology and business, and currently serves top...

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