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'BEHAVE' - the Mindful Parenting Solution

Sometimes our homes can be like an out-of-tune piano – hard on the ears, puts your teeth on edge, and you wish that discordant noise would just stop!

Do you wish:

* your kids would listen when you talk?

* your children would be more cooperative?

* there was less challenging behaviour and more fun in your home?

Now imagine if you have the insights and skills to fine-tune relationships, and create harmony in your home. 

For only $47 you can invest in your family's well-being with this course.

The guide every parent needs!   

In these relaxed and easy-to-remember presentations you'll discover:

✓ how to handle your child’s challenging behaviour

✓ why punishment doesn’t work; why discipline does

✓ practical parenting tools to create a calmer, happier home.

BEHAVE - What To Do When Your Child Won't'. Parenting expert and author Val Mullally, founder of Koemba Parenting, reveals three key signposts to support you in being the Parent you'd love to be.

This course is based on Val’s book, “BEHAVE – What To Do When Your Child Won’t”, which has consistent FIVE STAR reviews on . 

A new video is released every week over a six week period.  (Start the course immediately or commence at your own leisure and return to the material as often as you choose.) Support notes also provided so you can review these whenever it suits you.  

What People Are Saying About The Course:

"I found everything so helpful. … This course was perfect guidance to help me to change my learned or instinctive parenting behaviours which I felt were actually leaving my family a lot more miserable than necessary. I love my family (my husband and two girls) and I feel I have learned how to make our lives run a little smoother and with less stress. Thank you."

Lynne O’Keeffe 

"Val's course is so simple but so effective. I literally started acting differently towards my children immediately. It really made me look at them in a different light- as little beings who are a reflection of how I am feeling in myself. When I changed my own thinking and behaviour, they changed in front of my eyes. I really liked how Val helped me to see that I need to take care if myself so that I can take care of my children better - to put on my own oxygen mask before putting on theirs. I would highly recommend this course you will gain so much from it, it's simple to use and follow and you can do the course at home when the kids are in bed."

Maeve Murray 

"Now I can see the parenting from different perspective."


Discover the first signpost HALT - your first step to a calmer home!

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Signpost 1: HALT - Discover What's Going On For Your Child

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HALT - a useful tool to regain YOUR calm!

REACT or RESPOND - how your response can add to the chaos or restore calm Available week 2

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REACT or RESPOND - discover how to create happier outcomes

Be SURE - discover the Second Signpost to a Calmer, Happier Home Available week 3

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Signpost 2: SURE - making sense of challenging behaviour

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be SURE - becoming more conscious of your own interactions

Approach Mode - how to create cooperation in the home Available week 4

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How to create 'Approach' mode so your children will want to co-operate

FLAC - the 3rd signpost: When You Need to Set a Limit Available week 5

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Signpost 3: What To Do When Your Child Tests the Limits

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FLAC - Useful Insights When You Need to Set a Limit

Way Forward Available week 6

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FLAC - some extra tips on how to move from family upsets to family harmony

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Way Forward - now you have the three key signposts to a calmer, happier home

Val Mullally is a parenting expert, relationship coach, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. She is author of 'BEHAVE - What To Do When Your Child Won't' and her forthcoming book is "Baby and Toddler On Board - Mindful Parenting When a Secon...

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