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Ice Pop University-3 Month Accelerator

Invest in yourself!

Want to build a delicious and profitable business?

Take giant steps toward catapulting your dessert idea with proven tactics and no-nonsense techniques delivered in videos sessions and business action planning to keep you on track so you can carve out your piece of the pie in the explosive Gourmet Ice Pop Industry. Learn Directly from Felecia Hatcher!

Learn how Felecia & Derick have built a successful brand that has been featured on the Cooking Channel, FOX, Entrepreneur, Fores Travel, Inc, The NBC Today Show, Essence Magazine and MSNBC. Aside from learning everything you need to know to make pops and run the business you will learn how to Gain exposure for your business with Felecia's proven PR strategies.

Want a fun business that provides healthy and unique treats? Want a business that is fun for the entire family? Learn everything you need to know to launch a kick butt Gourmet Pop Business from the founder of Feverish Pops. Gourmet pops provide a unique business model that makes this opportunity a big money maker during the spring and summer time!

Ice Pop University Students get:

  • Three 1 on 1 (1 hour) Video Calls with Felecia and Derick Pearson, Chief Popsicles of Feverish Pops
  •  Step by Step on How to make high quality gourmet pops
  • How to Set Up Home Production/Commercial Kitchen or Set-up a *Storefront
  • How to Identify your Market/ Territory and high traffic locations in your city
  • List of all equipment and material suppliers
  • How to purchase or make your own Ice Cream Cart
  • Startup Inventory
  • Sample Business Plan
  • Event Booking and Sales Training
  • Basic Marketing Assistance
  • How to Get Major Media Placement and Features
  • Training Sales/Customer Service Training
  • Daily Cart Operations
  • How to get your product into local and major retailers

Booster Shot – A personal list of marketing and public relations opportunities just for your business.

E-BOOK- Top Feverish Pops Recipes Book

  • What's in the Course? Over lessons and videos! By the end of this course you will be able to set up and launch a kick butt Gourmet Popsicle Business in your City
  • Free copy of Felecia's Best Selling Book - How to Start a Business on a Ramen Noodle Budget Book

Welcome! Getting Started with Ice Pop University Virtual Course

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Your Business Model Canvas

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Super cool interview with the CEO of MomPops

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Housekeeping Rules

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Review before 1st Call

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Ice Pop Business Strategic Plan

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Commissary Sample Letter Template

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Lessons From the Chief Popsicle Wrapper-Getting Started at Home

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1 on 1 with Felecia

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Let's Hop on your first call

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Ask Me Anything Sessions

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Farmers Markets

Text lesson thumbnail

Course Files Folder

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Pyramid of Clarity -The Ice Pop U FRAMEWORK Part1

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Why Crafting your Pop Brand Story is SO IMPORTANT Available week 2

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Branding + Color Wheel

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5 Questions to Ask a Graphic Designer

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The Art of Storytelling-Why does it matter to your pop business?

Suppliers/Suppliers/Ingredients and Production set up- Where to get everything

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Ingredients List & Complete Supplier List

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REVIEW: Pop University Strategic Planner

30 Days to Launch Video + Checklist Available week 9

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30 Days to Launch Video + Checklist

SALES! Where to find leads online Available week 2

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SALES Step-by-step plan, templates, and checklists to help you get going.

Week 2 High Quality Ice Pop Production Available week 3

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Weekly Check-in

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Thinking through what you need and your path to getting started

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Popsicles-Savory Pops

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How to make high quality pops from start to finish

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Dry Ice Method/Home Production

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Using a high Output Machine

Week 2 -Making High Quality Spiked Popsicles and using the extractor Available week 4

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Popsicle and Using Blast Freezers

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How to Extract Pops

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How to make Mango Bourbon Pops

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Let's talk Sticks and Aligners

Branding your pop Business Available week 5

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Market Research

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Branding your Business Part 1-Building a Niche

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Branding your Pop Business Week 2

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Location Location Location! Identify high traffic locations for your Business

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Sample Branding Book

Dipping Pops In Chocolate Instructional Video Available week 2

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Making Dipping Chocolate

Catering the Holy Grail of the Ice Pop Industry Available week 3

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Welcome to Week 3!

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How to attract big clients for your pop business

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Catering #2 Podcast

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How to Get your Pops Sponsored by Big Brands

How to Get BIG BIG Contracts! Bonus Video Interview Available week 8

Wholesales/Sales Calls & How to Get into Wholefoods and other Big Box Retailers Available week 4

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Ice Pop University with Jilea Hemmings CEO of Greenie Tots

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Interview with Tim Forrest- More than 31 Years in the Food Marketing Industry

Cart Operations Available week 4

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Cart Operations Checklist

Text lesson thumbnail

Cart Setup 101

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Where to set up your cart for Big Bucks and Basic Cart Operations

Food Handlers/Manager Sample Test

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Can you pass the test?

Perfecting your Pop Pricing and Operational Budget Available week 4

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Sample Business Plan

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Pricing Video with Chief Popsicle and former Financial Analyst

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Cost Calculator Spreadsheet

Text lesson thumbnail

Revenue Calculator Worksheet

Front of Store Setup Available week 4

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Front of Store-Freezers & Storage

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What To Do with Your Broken and Deformed Popsicles

Production Production Production! Available week 2

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MARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA and PR Available week 3

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Your social media planning spreadsheet

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Social Media 101 for Ice Pop Business on a Ramen Noodle Budget

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How to get media attention for your pop business

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Social Media 101 for Ice Pop Business Part 2-Platforms Defined

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Public Relations! Seven PR Tips for PopPreneurs on a Budget

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Understanding Facebook Ad's with Joesph Balcemia

Distributing your Product Available week 3

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Let's talk Food Brokers

Text lesson thumbnail

More about Food Brokers

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How are you distributing your Pops-5 part Business Model

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Should you Private Label your pops?

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How are you distributing your pops? Pt2

What's Next Available week 16

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Week 4!!! What's next