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ProductiveRamadan Online Course

Would You Like to Make this Ramadan a Transformation Experience?

Learn the practical day-to-day solutions that prepare you mentally, physically, socially and spiritually for a powerful transforming Ramadan

My name is Mohammed Faris aka Abu Productive. If you’re part of the Productive Muslim community, then you probably already know a little bit about me.

Over the last five years, I’ve spent my time learning how I can be more productive physically, socially and spiritually. I’ve then shared my learnings by teaching the best productivity techniques based on Quranic principles and the Sunnah to our Muslim Ummah.

Together with my wonderful team, we’ve built an online platform that’s now become the number one resource for productivity solutions for the Muslim Ummah, Alhamdulillah.

As a team, we soon realised that many Muslims struggle to achieve their Ramadan goals - and thus don’t experience the transforming power of Ramadan.

The more I observed Muslims around me and the more I studied the field of productivity, the more I realised that this was not because of the lack of sincere intent or effort.

Many Muslims struggle during Ramadan because they do not know have the awareness or productivity skills to keep up with the added responsibilities of Ramadan.

And because of this, we decided to do something about it!

Introducing the Productive Ramadan Online Course

This is not your typical course; this is the practical stuff – the stuff that you’d wish someone told you years ago so you can overcome your Ramadan challenges and dramatically improve your Ramadan experience in spirituality and inner transformation, In sha Allah. 

If you haven’t heard of our popular ProductiveRamadan course before, check out an overview of the course contents below OR download the Ramadan course prospectus here.

Meet Your Ramadan Productivity Instructors:

  • Abu Productive, CEO & Founder of, and thought leader, speaker, trainer, coach & author who spearheaded the niche of productivity in Islam.
  • Sr. Lotifa Begum, Productive Muslimah Instructor at specialising in help sisters overcome their productivity challenges.
  • Br. Thurein Win, Founder of, specialising in productive thinking and productive mindset.
  • Br. Kareem ElSayed, Founder of, focusing on empowering Muslim professionals in the corporate world.
  • Sr. Yasmin Essa, Founder of, and nutrition & fitness expert

Together, we have created a unique step-by-step practical system that prepares you for Ramadan mentally, physically, spiritually and socially.

Practical Day-to-Day Solution to Overcome Your Toughest Ramadan Challenges

The training that we have for you in “Productive Ramadan – Discover Your True Ramadan Potential” has been carefully designed to:
  • Prepare you with practical solutions – mentally, physically, socially and spiritually – to overcome the three common unproductivity traps, and
  • Support you on an inside-out approach to a deeply spiritual and transforming Ramadan experience, and
  • Provide you with the practical tools you need to maintain your new productive habits and inner transformation even after Ramadan ends, In sha Allah.

Here's what our students said:

Well, before this course I was doing plenty of multi-tasking, always pressuring myself to accomplish more than I could. I believed I was very well organized and yet I felt empty and tired when it came to [spirituality], especially ibadah.

Alhamdulilah, [after this course] I gained much confidence in my abilities by prioritizing my tasks and timings. I felt like a sane human being who can accomplish tasks with gradual improvement. This course has been a beautiful blessing. Jazakallah khair. - Wardah Adil
Productive Ramadan immensely helped in managing sleep, social productivity, some improvement in focus, lot of improvement in discipline, balancing family, large improvement at work place. Alhamdulillah. - Khasim
"I was having problems achieving my goals during Ramadan, planning and organizing my Ramadan actives, and feeling overwhelmed. After taking the course, [I am] having the best and most productive Ramadan so far since I became Muslim." - Liliana Anaya
I learnt a lot and I think I have accomplished a lot this Ramadan compared to my 36 years of Ramadan before! - Putri Khalid
Oh, lots of things have changed in my life. I [used to be] organised but not effective, and had problems with time management, sleep management, nutrition and exercise. Now I am able to manage my tasks according to the salah timings. [The] best part is I have become more spiritually and physically productive. However tired I feel on a particular day, but still I am able get the achievements [done] at least spiritually which I am extremely happy about. - Tanweer Zaki

Alhamdulillah I had a wonderful Ramadan! So many sisters and brothers commented to me how I was so full of joy and that my first Ramadan was such an inspiration to them, Alhamdulillah.

The tips and planning were invaluable. I prayed taraweeh every night, read the Qur’an everyday, made suhoor all but one day (but still woke up for fajr, Alhamdulillah!), attended iftars in new communities, went to Friday prayer for the first time (I am a very new Muslim), held a mini-iftar at my house with a non-Muslim friend, and started covering my hair full-time by the end of Ramadan, Alhamdulillah!

Mashallah, I feel so blessed. - J.D.

Join today & help yourself lead a truly Productive Ramadan Lifestyle.

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Welcome from Abu Productive

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PREAMBLE - [Pre-Ramadan] Practical Tips to Prepare for Ramadan

Module-1: The Basic Preparation for Productivity

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Lesson 1 - Introduction

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Lesson 2 - What is Productivity?

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Lesson 3 - What is NOT Productivity?

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Lesson 4 - The Three Spheres of Productivity

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Lesson 5 - Productive Muslim Framework

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Lesson 6 - Productivity in Ramadan

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Summary & Exercise

Module-2: ProductiveRamadan Thinking w/Thurein Win, Founder

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Lesson 1 - Introduction

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Lesson 2 - ThinkFAST - Focus and ABC

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Lesson 3 - Focus on DEF

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Lesson 4 - Focus on ILM

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Lesson 5 - Focus on 3 P's

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Lesson 6 - ThinkFAST - Awareness

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Lesson 7 - Awareness Before Change

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Lesson 8 - Mindshift For Maximum Growth

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Lesson 9 - Awareness, Change and Growth at 4 Levels

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Lesson 10 - Changing Your Emotional State

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Lesson 11 - ThinkFAST - Start - 3 Starts

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Lesson 12 - Start with Self

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Lesson 13 - Start with the End in Mind

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Lesson 14 - Start Thinking in Chunks

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Lesson 15 - ThinkFAST - Thinking, Tawbah and Tawakkul

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Lesson 16 - Thinking Above the Line

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Lesson 17 - ThinkFAST - Conclusion

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Summary & Exercise

Module-3: Spiritual Productivity

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Lesson 1 - Introduction

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Lesson 2 - Definition of Spiritual Energy

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Lesson 3 - Islamic Concept 1: Taqwa

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Lesson 4 - Islamic Concept 2: Shukr

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Lesson 5 - Islamic Concept 3: Sabr

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Lesson 6 - Islamic Concept 4: Ihsaan

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Lesson 7 - Act of Worship 1: Salah and Spiritual Energy

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Lesson 8 - Act of Worship 2: Remembrance of Allah

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Lesson 9 - Act of Worship 3: Charity

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Lesson 10 - Spiritual Focus Definition

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Lesson 11 - Spiritual Focus - Islamic Concept 1: Intention

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Lesson 12 - Spiritual Focus - Islamic Concept 2: Halal Lifestyle

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Lesson 13 - Spiritual Focus - Act of Worship 1: Salah and Spiritual Focus

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Lesson 14 - Spiritual Focus - Act of Worship 2: Dua

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Lesson 15 - Spiritual Focus - Act of Worship 3: Qur'an

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Lesson 16 - Spiritual Time Definition

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Lesson 17 - Spiritual Time - Islamic Concept 1: Give Time to Allah

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Lesson 18 - Spiritual Time - Islamic Concept 2: Dunya Time vs. Akhirah Time

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Lesson 19 - Spiritual Time - Act of Worship: Salah and Time

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Lesson 20 - Spiritual Time - Act of Worship 2: Tying Ties of Kinship

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Lesson 21 - Conclusion

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Summary & Exercise

Module-4 - Physical Productivity (w/Yasmin Essa, Founder

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Lesson 1 - The Importance of Sleep

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Lesson 2 - The Spirituality of Sleep

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Lesson 3 - The Ramadan Sleep Dilemma

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Lesson 4 - How to Sleep (Spiritually)

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Lesson 5 - How to Sleep (Physically - Part 1)

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Lesson 6 - How to Sleep (Physically - Part 2)

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Lesson 7 - How to Sleep (Physically - Part 3)

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Lesson 8 - How to Sleep (Socially)

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Lesson 9 - Homework!

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Lesson 10 - Ramadan Night Plan

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Lesson 11 - Early Rising

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Lesson 12 - Your Health, an Amana from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala

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Lesson 13 - Healthy for the Sake of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala (Ramadan Focused)

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Lesson 14 - Calculating the Right Amount of H2O for Your Body in Ramadan

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Lesson 15 - Easy Hydration Tips During Ramadan

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Lesson 16 - Productive Meal Planning During Ramadan

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Lesson 17 - 'Try Easier' Cooking Techniques

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Lesson 18 - Best Foods for Productivity in Ramadan

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Lesson 19 - Must We Exercise in Ramadan?

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Lesson 20 - Ramadan Fitness 101

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Lesson 21 - [Interview] Can you stay fit during Ramadan?

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Lesson 22 - Intro and Importance of Focus

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Lesson 23 - The Three Types of Focus

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Lesson 24 - Step 1: Clear Your Mind

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Lesson 25 - Step 2: Identify your M.I.Ts

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Lesson 26 - Step 3a: Focus Equation (Disconnect)

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Lesson 27 - Step 3b: Focus Equation (Simplify)

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Lesson 28 - Step 4: Repeat regularly

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Lesson 29 - The Value of Time

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Lesson 30 - Tools & Techniques

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Lesson 31 - Beating Procrastination

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Summary & Exercise

Module-5: Social Productivity

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Lesson 1 - Introduction

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Lesson 2 - How to Get Social Energy

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Lesson 3 - How to Get Social Focus

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Lesson 4 - How to Get Social Time

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Lesson 5 - Conclusion

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Summary & Exercise

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[Interview] How to be productive with your family?

Module-6: SISTERS SPECIAL! w/Lotifa Begum, ProductiveMuslimah Instructor

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Lesson 1 - Introduction

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Lesson 2 (1)How to Invest in Your Spiritual Productivity During Non-Praying Days

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Lesson 2 (2)How to Invest in Your Spiritual Productivity During Non-Praying Days

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Lesson 3 (1) - How to Plan a Productive Ramadan with the Family

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Lesson 3 (2) - How to Plan a Productive Ramadan with the Family

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Lesson 4 (1) - How to Avoid Burnout in Ramadan

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Lesson 4 (2) - How to Avoid Burnout in Ramadan

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Lesson 5 - Interview with Sr. Khafayah Abdulsalam

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Summary & Exercise

Module-7 - Productivity@Work w/Kareem ElSayed, Founder

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Lesson 1 - Introduction

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Lesson 2 - Introduction to Spiritual Productivity

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Lesson 3 - Shifting Your Attitude

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Lesson 4 - Metaphor for Ramadan

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Lesson 5 - Perspective Activity

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Lesson 6 - Interweaving Spirituality Throughout Your Day

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Lesson 7 - Introduction to Physical Productivity

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Lesson 8 - Energy Management

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Lesson 9 - What to do without Coffee?

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Lesson 10 - All About Sleep

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Lesson 11 - Introduction to Social Productivity

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Lesson 12 - Handling Co-Workers

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Lesson 13 - Handling Your Manager

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Lesson 14 - Dealing with Subordinates

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Lesson 15 - Celebrating Eid!

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Lesson 16 - Introduction to Productive Routine

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Lesson 17 - Identify Your Productivity Personality Type

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Lesson 18 - Peak Productivity Zone

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Lesson 19 - Negotiating Your Schedule with Your Boss

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Lesson 20 - Figuring Out Your Ideal Routine

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Summary & Exercise

Module-8: Maintaining Consistency & Developing Lifelong Habits

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Lesson 1 - Introduction & Why Habits are Important

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Lesson 2 - How Habits Work

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Lesson 3 - Changing Habits - 30 Day Challenge

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Lesson 4 - Changing Habits - Focus on the Loop

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Lesson 5 - Changing Habits - How to Avoid Failing

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Lesson 6 - Changing Habits - Replacement Theory

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Lesson 7 - How Ramadan Builds our Habits

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Lesson 8 - Which Habits to Change

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Lesson 9 - Conclusion

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Summary & Exercise

Productive Muslim Academy aims to help you become the best Productive Muslim or Muslimah you can be by providing you free tutorials and paid premium classes to tackle productivity issues, so you can free yourself from the stress, overwhelm, distra...

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