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Become an Epic Expert for Speakers and Authors

This is the premier kick ass course for those that want to position themselves as experts and break into the speaking business or learn how to leverage their talents to increase their paid speaking earnings and not just write a book to check it off of a bucket list but position yourself as an expert and attract readers, strategic partners and major publishers.

You may be thinking to yourself, "I have some nerve to call myself an expert…" Just think of it this way. We all have something that we are truly talented in, or have overcome challenges that can really help others. Why would you hold all that "Epicness" to yourself. By positioning yourself as an expert, companies will hire you, your colleagues will seek you out for advice, consulting gigs will find you, you can create profitable print books, e-books & products and conferences will want you as a speaker.

I started my first business when I was 19 years old and when I first started out as a speaker 13 years ago, I had to muster up the courage to ask for $150 speaker fee, sweating bullets and a nervous wreck hoping and wishing that they would value my time and expertise. Fast forward to today and I have no problem commanding speaking fee's of $5000-$10,000 for 1 hour keynotes, consulting and hosting webinars for clients all over the world.

It took me 10 years to write my first book and 3 months after self publishing it, to get a amazing book deal offer with the 2nd largest educational publisher in the world! My second book took me 6 years to write it and my second publishing deal soon followed. I'm spilling all the beans and the step by step process of what it takes. So whether you want a major publishing deal or want to learn how to create digital products to sell online this course is for you!!! 

Welcome! Time to go from Idea to Major Revenue!

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Welcome to this EPIC Course!

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Our Manifesto!

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Ideas are Worthless

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Are you really ready to become an EPIC EXPERT?

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Epic Expert -Defining your Market and Crafting your Message

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Who's Radar are you on?

I am therefore I speak!

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Epic Expert-Speaking Topics that get you BOOKED SOLID

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Epic Expert-Why you need products as an Expert

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Epic Expert-The #1 Tool Every Motivational Speaker Needs

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Epic Expert- Speaker Fee's and Making money before you speak

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Epic Expert- Hustle Until you no longer have to introduce yourself

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Epic Expert- Course Extras and Goodies-AV Riders and Yellow Skittles

Launch and Standout-Getting Traction

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Book Covers and Business Avoid Doing it Halfway

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Resources to Start Prospecting Speaking Engagements + Email Template

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How to quickly build your list-Productivity Hack


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Writing Hacks Part 1

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Writing Hacks Part 2

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Hacks + Short Burst Gratification for Authors

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Niches for your digital products

Outsource yourself on a Ramen Noodle Budget

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How to Outsource Yourself!

Prospecting for Paid Speaking Gigs Available week 4

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Prospecting, Prospecting, PROSPECTING​

On Fleek! Creating a Brand Strategy to Attract the right Media Attention

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Revamp and Pimp Out-Vanity Marketing

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Public Relations! Seven PR Tips to Shine Bright like a Diamond

BONUS!!! Distribution List

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