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The Ignite Training Course

This course was designed in India for our church planters and disciple-makers.  It will teach you and your friends how you can start a movement that can change the world. 


Sign up now to take your first step in becoming serious about being a disciple maker like Jesus has called us to be!  It will take you step-by-step through the entire process.  

You're life is a spark.  Ignite the World.

Section 1 -- Big Picture Lessons

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The Power of Multiplication

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Anybody Can Do It!

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Action Break

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Biblical Foundations

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Part One Conclusion

Section 2 -- How-To Lessons

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Section 2 Introduction

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How-To: Share My Faith -- Who Do I Talk To?

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How-To: Share My Faith -- What Do I Say? Part 1

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How-To: Share My Faith -- What Do I Say? Part 2

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Action Break

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What Do I Do Next?

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Crazy Farmers

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How-To: Start an Ignite Group I

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How-To: Start an Ignite Group II

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Biblical Foundations -- Acts 2

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How-To: Lead a Group -- What Do I Teach? -- Lesson Package Overview

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Section 2 Conclusion

Section 3 -- Leadership Lessons

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Section 3 Introduction

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Starfish, Horses, and Rabbits

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Triangle Leadership

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Action Break

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Invitation and Challenge

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The Fruit and The Match

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The Big 6

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Section 3 Conclusion

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Post-Training Video

Bonus Material

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Spoken Word -- Your Body is a Matchstick

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Ignite Promo Video

Josh has been living in India since 2008 and has a passion to see the Kingdom of God spread throughout the world. He desires to raise up disciples who make disciples, leaders who create leaders, and churches that plant churches. In order to see ...

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