Operation Debt Destruction-The Military Version

Are you bleeding Dollars?

When I almost went bankrupt I did a lot of reflecting as you can imagine!!!

The STRESS of not knowing how we were going to pay our bills, not knowing if a credit card payment would go through when I swiped my card at the machine;

The EMBARRASSMENT of avoiding social interactions because I could not afford a cup of coffee;

The EMBARRASSMENT of borrowing money from friends who believe in you and not being able to pay it back;

The SHAME I felt as a man that I could not provide for my wife and children;

The DEPRESSION you feel laying in bed at night with NO HOPE.

These were horrible feelings, but none compared to almost losing our home when the bank called in the mortgages and the look in my wife's eyes.

The start of that slippery slope was my lack of money control. I learned that there were only 4 phases that I had to get under control and when I did, we stabilized.

If I didn't learn what is in this course, I would have kept bleeding dollars until it was all gone...

THERE IS HOPE! Learn these four phases, it will save you pain.

If you are already in pain, do the course and take control. It can only get worse if you don't and the pain will not go away...

I will give you all the training and tools to get your money under control for less than what people spend on coffee for the week...Only you can decide if the cost is worth it...

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We are not giving financial advice. We have debriefed and summarized accepted processes and interpreted those teachings into a format and process anyone can follow. Any decision you make and the results of those decisions rest with you just as though you read this information in a book. (Coming soon!)


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Is this course for you?

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A Special Thank You Message from The Founder

The Four Phases of Money Control

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Do this first...

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Phase One: TRACKING (Complete with Financial Snapshot Document)

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Phase Three: TARGETING (Complete with Self-Totaling Targeting Document)

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Phase Four: TACTICS

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Let's see what you've learned from that course...back-brief me

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Where to next?

About Us

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Where it all started...

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Where we are now

"I help people regain the initiative and take command and control of their life."