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Essential Go

In this video course, Jeremy Saenz, author of popular Go projects such as Martini, Negroni, Gin, CLI and GopherCasts, will teach you the ropes of the Go programming language!

Essential Go is the perfect way to learn the Go Programming Language from an essentialist perspective. From the short, fast paced videos to the practical and creative exercises, Essential Go provides a quick and effective way to learn the essentials from experienced Gopher Jeremy Saenz.

There has never been a better time to learn Go. Get started today!


What do I get with the purchase of the course?

When you purchase the course you get 22+ high quality screencasts going over the basics of the Go programing language. The video lessons are ordered in a linear fashion and contain comments and exercises. Each lesson also contains 1 or 2 text exercises on how to improve upon the concept that was just taught.

Are the exercises done in browser or locally?

Exercises are expected to be done locally on your machine. I believe the best way to learn programming concepts are to do so in your own programming environment. The first couple lessons are all about getting your local Go development environment working so you can follow along with the rest of the videos.

What are the course prerequisites?

Prior programming experience (any language) and basic command line knowledge.

Can I download the videos?

Yes! Each Lesson has a download box on the right side of the page that allows you to download the video for offline use.

Can I access the course at any time?

Yes. Your course access is not for a limited time and does not expire. I reserve the right to revoke access under the case of abuse or harassment in the community but that is a different matter altogether :)

Can I pay via Paypal?

Get in contact with me (jeremy.saenz at and we can work something out via Paypal.


30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Understand that the course content is short so I am expecting good faith to be exercised here. 

The Go gopher was designed by Renee French. ( Licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attributions license.


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Getting Started

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Your First Go Program

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Go Tools

The Basics

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Control Structures

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Example: HTTP File Server


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Arrays and Slices

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Example: JSON Parser

Organizing Go Programs

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Types and Structs

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Example: Static Site Generator

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Generating Markdown

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Package Building

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Go Templates

Concurrency (Bonus!)

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Example: Job Queue

Gopher. Author of Martini, Negroni, Gin, CLI. The voice behind Polyglot programmer, husband and overall thug.